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_Orgel³ / Trio für Orgel [2021]

The organs of the churches of St. Peter, St. Albertus Magnus and St. Antonius together form a sonic apparatus using multiple acoustic live transmissions, the spaces are its resonators, reflectors and filters. For this transarchitectural instrument, three independent compositions have been developed by the composers, which will be repeatedly realized by the organists Daniel(le) Muñoz Barragán, Eugene Kang and Marcel Schwarz in an hourly cycle from 3-7pm. The visitors can move freely in the three church rooms and discover the music as well as the acoustic conditions of the churches unrestricted and autonomously.

The transmedial composition “Trio für Orgel” [UA 2021] by Vincent Stange is based on instructions for the performers. The instructions provide a framework that invites the musicians to communicate with organ sounds via live audio streaming. The church space, the individual and the organ are connected via stream. Technical difficulties of the audio stream (e.g. latency) are not calculable parameters. The composition questions the possibilities of three organs and plays with interplay and individual focus at the same time.

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all presented compositions 
Nachverdichtung [UA 2021] by Nathalie Brum
Too Simple [UA 2021] by Phillip Schulze for Alvin Lucier
Trio für Orgel [UA 2021] by Vincent Stange

St. Antonius, Barbarossaplatz [Düsseldorf Oberkassel]
St. Peter, St. Peter, Kirchplatz 2a [Düsseldorf Unterbilk]
St. Albertus Magnus, Kaiserswerther Straße 211 [Düsseldorf Golzheim]

Daniel(le) Muñoz Barragán || St. Antonius
Eugene Kang || St. Albertus Magnus
Marcel Schwarz || St. Peter

Live audio stream
Harald Braun [technical direction, BBT Media Rent] Felix Hecker [sound mixing, audio streaming]
Nils Schröder [sound mixing, audio streaming] Thorsten Runge [sound mixing, audio streaming]

Documentation Nathalie Brum, Phillip Schulze, Vincent Stange

The project “Organ³” was developed within the framework of the Internationalen Düsseldorfer Orgelfestivals 2021 and was supported by the Kunststiftung NRW .