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_Aqua Pattern [2023]

The 4-channel sound installation “Aqua Pattern” maps the springs in the northern Eifel (e.g.: Ahrquelle). The sound material was produced on site with hydrophone and microphone. The sound installation was created in connection with the installation „Direction of Consciousness“ by Chiharu Shiota  in the context of the Transient Impulsfestival by Prof. Jeremias Schwarzer. The festival theme was “…alive: Nature and Music”.

Futher informations

Via Transient Impulsfestival: “For TRANSIENT Indoor, a unique hybrid perceptual space between art exhibition, concert and performance will be created at the Academy for Teacher Training in Kronenburg with music by contemporary composers and installations by Chiharu Shiota, Wiebke Pöpel, Robert Eugler and Vincent Stange.”

TRANSIENT Interdisciplinary Research Ensemble
Neus Estarellas Calderón, piano
Vanessa Porter and Vera Seedorf, percussion 
Olivia Stahn, voice
Maxine Troglauer, Bass trombone and composition (Junior Fellow 2023)
Vincent Stange, electronics and composition
Jeremias Schwarzer, recorder and artistic direction
Folkert Uhde and Ilka Seifert, concertdesign
Wiebke Pöpel and Robert Eugler, installations 

Light and video: Karel de Witt and Torsten Podraza
Construction/equipment instalaltion Chiharu Shiota: Athena Tsantekidou und Gaia Marturano
Production Manager: Lea Felizitas Helma

An der Ahrquelle (17.06.2023)
53945 Blankenheim

Haus für Lehrerfortbildung – Kronenburg (8.-10.04.2023)
Burgstraße 20, 53949 Dahlem

Duration: 60 Minuten

The Transient Impulse Festival was supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Regionales Kulturprogramm NRW, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen