I am a transmedia composer.
I received my master degree in sound and reality from a German conservatory. In my work I explore and develop different types of formats. The simultaneity of individual and collaborative work processes is elementary.  

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_hear here landscapes [2021-2022]

The composition “hear here landscapes” works with soundscapes of the places Bad Münstereifel, Nettersheim and Kronenburg. Inspired by the places, their structures and stories, noises and sounds were transformed into a four-hour sound continuum. This continuum connects to the installation “Nuqta- the beginning” by Chiharu Shiota. The textures of the long-lasting sound surface enter into an exchange with works by other composers, which are performed in the installation. I perform the four-hour composition live with electronics in the installation.

Futher informations

Via TRANSIENT Impulsfestival: “Based on the installation “Nuqta – the beginning” by the important Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, the three Eifel villages Bad Münstereifel, Nettersheim and Kronenburg combine under the artistic direction of Prof. Jeremias Schwarzer to create an interdisciplinary music and art festival.”

Künstler*innen des Festivals
TRANSIENT Interdisciplinary Research Ensemble: Neus Estarellas Calderón, piano; Vanessa Porter, percussion; Jeremias Schwarzer, recorder and artistic direction; Chiharu Shiota, installation; Olivia Stahn, voice; Ilka Seifert und Folkert Uhde, concertdesign; Junior Fellows 2021: Valerie Fritz, Violoncello; Alexandra Vildosola, voice; Vincent Stange, Transmediale Komposition


Düsseldorf, Sammlung Philara – 17.-19. Juni 2022

Kronenburg – 5.-12. September 2021
Nettersheim – 21.-27. Juni 2021
Bad Münstereifel – 10.-16. Mai 2021

Weitere Infos unter: https://transientimpuls.com/