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_Andere Teilchen oder äußere Einflüsse [2021]

“Andere Teilchen oder äußere Einflüsse” turns the exhibition hall of NKR into an active resonating body. The sound installation consists of two different systems, each playing different frequency bands (31-125 hz and 300-20,000 hz). Through the physical phenomenon of the standing wave, an acoustic walk-in sculpture is created in the work of Vincent Stange and Joseph Baader (system one). Depending on the position in space, different vibrations and chords can be heard. At the same time, these movement in space are recorded by ultrasonic sensors in the Max MSP-based installation by Maria Wildeis (system two).

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composition, Joseph Baader, Vincent Stange, Maria Wildeis

3-02-2022 – Kunstpalast Düsseldorf – Ehrenhof 4-5 Düsseldorf
2 to 5-12-2021 – NKR – Neuer Kunstraum Himmelgeister Straße 107, Düsseldorf 

supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Kulturamt Düsseldorf