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_Krypton [2021]

The installation by siblings Joanna and Vincent Stange combines a visual archive with sound. Since 2013, Joanna Stange has been documenting symbols formed from lines, which arise in her head as a result of synnesthesia and without conscious influence. Headshapes. Shapes or signs that resemble a figure painted in the dark with a flashlight. A selection of three-dimensional headshapes creates the center of the installation. Vincent Stange used data from the Headshape archive for the sound composition. The 6-channel sound installation lets the archive circle around the sculptures in space. 

Futher informations

“Headshapes” by Joanna Stange

6-Kanal sound installation by Vincent Stange

Krypta St. Michael [Brüsseler Platz 13-15, Cologne]
23 September to 2 October 2022
23 to 26 September 2021

Supported by Kulturamt Köln