I am a transmedia composer.
I received my master degree in sound and reality from a German conservatory. In my work I explore and develop different types of formats. The simultaneity of individual and collaborative work processes is elementary.  

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_In der Zwischenzeit [2023]

The audiovisual installation “In der Zwischenzeit” (In the meantime) by Joseph Baader, Elisabeth Coudoux and Vincent Stange presents a multidimensional instrument consisting of 8-channel sound and an immersive image projection. The artists play this “instrument” again and again in live improvisations: strings are stretched, cymbals and other sound objects are added. Every change is recorded and used in sound and image of the installation itself.

The work process began with the construction of the installation. The live improvisations are based on the recorded actions that have taken place in the space. For the viewer, the present mixes with the past – shown in the video – and they find themselves in the meantime.

related project: mapping moments

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NRW-Forum / Kunstpalast Düsseldorf – 19.10.2023 – 5.11.2023

Dr. Miriam von Gehren – curation
Vincent Stange – E-Bass, Video eddeting, concept, curation
Joseph Baader – Modular Synthesizers, concept
Elisabeth Coudoux – Cello, concept
Torsten Podraza – Technical support

The installation is supported by the Stiftung Kunst, Kultur und Soziales der Sparda-Bank West.