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_mapping moments [2023]

video, sound (Ambisonics), three projectors, 16 speakers, 16 meters projector screen

The installation shows the working process in the unique audiovisual Studio Transmediale Formen (STF) of the Institute for Music and Media in Düsseldorf. The work in sound and video reflects the studio back on itself. The studio becomes an instrument, plays itself. Together with Joseph Baader, Alexander Borowski and Laurenz Ulrich, we developed the video and sound layers using an ambisonics audio setup and a mulitchannel video projection in the studio over several weeks.

References for “mapping moments” are the installation „Mapping the Studio” by Bruce Nauman and the composition “I am sitting in a room” by Alvin Lucier. 

related project: In der Zwischenzeit

Futher informations

Video coloring: RGB = 0, 18, 255
Video playback speed: 16 %
Audio: third-order Ambisonics (16-channels)

Video: Alexander Borowski, Laurenz Ulrich
Sound: Joseph Baader

Video documentary: Alexander Borowski

Location: Studio Transmediale Formen
Duration: 06:47:13 h

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, Prof. Oliver Schneller, Marcus Schmickler, Carsten Goertz, Patrick Arnold, Elsa Weiland, Raphael Zöschinger, Martin Störkmann, Vincent de Fallois, Konrad Simon, Falk Griffenhagen.